About Kendra

I’m Kendra Gaines. This is a picture of me living my best life in Miami so forgive the goofiness. Believe me when I tell you it’s the best one I had. I hope to one day take one of those coveted black/white-background-folded-arms pictures literally every CD takes, so just bear with me until then.

I’m an Art Director from Virginia. I am super country, honestly, but somehow, life got me to the biggest(?), greatest(??) city of all (???) and I’ve been making it work. Selah.

I probably can’t talk to you about the latest Bachelor or Game of Thrones episode, but if you want to talk about Bob’s Burger’s and Superstore, then I’m your girl.

I’ve taken a bit of a social media break (not to be pretentious, just to be more productive), but yo, I used to Reddit so hard. That’s my jam — so I obviously love overdone memes.

I make music sometimes and I am a bit of a side-hustler so there’s no telling what I’m doing in my free time. However, I can guarantee you it ain’t going to Brooklyn. I live in Jersey mainly ’cause I like to see grass and trees more often than not (remember, I’m country).

I love the NBA. If you’re a Warriors fan, let’s fight because I’m a Thunder (really a Russell Westbrook) fan. Also, if you wanna catch a game let me know. I am kinda obsessed with basketball and have slowly started to get into the WNBA as well — those ladies are good!

Anything else you need, holla at me. I’m so cool.

Feeling the kid?