The American Institute of Architechts

The AIA came to our class and told us they had a problem — no one sees architecture as a viable career path and the general population can’t tell the difference between architects and contractors. They wanted a way to bring architects together and to get them to rally around each other. So we created a site and app (that they bought :)) that we think did just that.

We created an insert to go in all special edition versions of the AIA Magazine, rallying architects around this new idea of re-energizing architecture.

We also created a direct mail piece that allowed architects to put together a famous, local building. We mailed pieces to different architecture firms and asked them to meet up and put the pieces together.

Art Director: Kendra Gaines
Copywriter: Allison Murphy
Strategist: Tulani Foy
Creative Technologist: Benjamin Maxwell
Brand Manager: Jake Hargadon

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